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Brenna Kupferman

Brenna Kupferman is a songwriter, singer, and performer based in Maryland. Adept at writing catchy melodic hooks and memorable lyrics, she is also known for her smoky vocals and accomplished keyboard skills. Brenna specializes in writing and recording music for television, ads, film, and digital platforms, and regularly collaborates with musicians, songwriters, and producers across the globe.



Secret Chord Music is a collaboration of

songwriters, producers, entrepreneurs and

musicians creating songs and instrumental tracks

for TV, film and other media in a variety of genres.

Emily Laliotis

Emily Laliotis is a songwriter, singer, and performer based in Los Angeles. She is known for her timeless, evocative vocals and deft melodies. Emily released her debut album, Single Step, at 19, and continues to perform and release music as an artist. Emily is focused on writing and recording music for ads, movies and TV. She frequently collaborates with songwriters, producers, and musicians from all around the world.


Tony Serzo

Tony is a music producer, composer, songwriter and an accomplished jazz guitarist and singer. He worked as a session guitarist in Los Angeles in the mid-90s, playing on TV & radio ads as well as films and musical theater. After years of performing regionally with a variety of musical groups Tony has spent the last several years dedicated to becoming a top music producer creating pop songs and instrumental compositions for use in TV, film and ads.

Tony Serzo holding a guitar.

Our Unique Approach


At Secret Chord Music, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality music solutions for advertising, film & TV, and corporate branding. We work collaboratively between ourselves and with a select group of professional musicians and producers who have experience in the sync music business. This enables us to create a variety of music to meet the needs of our clients in the worlds of television, film, advertising and gaming.


"Music expresses that which cannot be said"

Victor Hugo


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